I have worked as an editor, tutor, TA, and lecturer for about two years. Please review my resume for more specific details. If interested, here is what I charge for my services. You can contact me at

  • Editing Services – I will provide line by line edits and a letter of feedback and suggestions. I also recommend materials I think would help you excel as a writer. $30 for one short story or chapter of up to 20 pages or 5 poems. (If you have a longer piece you would like edited, I charge $3 extra for every additional page. Please contact me for prices of works longer than 30 pages.)
  • Tutoring – I will meet with you via Zoom to discuss your creative work and answer any questions about craft. Before the meeting, you can send me a story or chapter of up to 20 pages and I will read it in preparation. $30 per hour.
  • Lecturing – If you are a professor, teacher, librarian, or a representative of a literary group or business, I would be happy to come to or Zoom into your class/meeting for free. Previously, I have lectured on topic such as building tension in fiction, conflict building, creating readable characters, and being successful as an undergraduate writer. You can contact for my previous lectures in my resume. I love to implement activities and discussion questions into my lectures to create an interactive and exploratory atmosphere for writers.